Expanded Learning Symposium
Creating Opportunities that Matter

University of California Berkeley, Clark Kerr Campus
2601 Warring Street, Berkeley, CA 94720
Thursday, February 23, 2017
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM PST

Partnership for Children & Youth (PCY) is bringing together workshops and presenters from our HousEdSummer Matters, and Quality Standards conferences under one roof. We are committed to creating meaningful and effective learning opportunities to help you achieve your professional success.

The Symposium tagline, “Creating Opportunities that Matter”, reflects a critical moment in time where the emphasis on equal opportunity for all students has reached a defining moment.  The recent change to the national education law has a significant impact on children and adults, and is an urgent call of action to ensure equitable learning opportunities are at the center of this momentum.  Improving youth outcomes in school and in life takes a village of children and adult learners alike. 

“Creating Opportunities that Matter” is a symbol of unity and represents equitable opportunities to learn and succeed. It encourages us to come together and take action so that success in school and life is possible for all students. It acknowledges that learning opportunities must be accessible at home, school, work, and throughout life.   To ensure these opportunities matter it will require a collective commitment to leadership, collaboration, and continuous learning at all levels.

This year’s Symposium has been designed to target line staff, coordinators, managers, and directors who are responsible for supervising, planning, designing, and/or implementing an expanded learning program (after school and summer learning) for youth in grades K-12 or ages 5-18.