Take Control of Your Evaluation: Evaluation Planning 101

 Take Control of Your Evaluation: Evaluation Planning 101

Take Control of Your Evaluation: Evaluation Planning 101


Jessica Manta-Meyer
Ava Elliott


Take control of your evaluation! What impact do you want to be having on your participants and how can you measure that to inform your own program planning and improvement? We will review some basic steps in identifying what you want to measure, how you want to measure it and how to conduct analysis on the data you collect. At the end of this hands-on training, participants will leave with a sketch of their own evaluation plan.


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Describe their programs with an eye toward measurable objectives.
  • Review some fundamentals of survey design and the pros and cons of other data collection and analysis methods.
  • Use an evaluation plan building tool to begin to sketch their evaluation plan.


This workshop begins with an overview of the tension in evaluation between being able to prove outcomes to funders and using data for internal program reflection and improvement.

We then proceed to review different data collection methods that best match different outcomes of interest. Through an interactive chart activity, we will discuss the pros and cons of different methods and develop some “golden triangles” to triangulate strong and useful data.

Throughout, attendees are asked to construct their own evaluation plan, with particular time at the end to polish the plan through small group work and Q&A with the presenters.

Best For: Coordinators, Managers, and Directors
Target Student Population: Elementary: All Grades, Middle School: All Grades, High School: All Grades


Course Slide Deck
Features of Assessment Tools
Data Analysis Starter Guide