Effective and Equitable Practice with Male Youth of Color

 Effective and Equitable Practice with Male Youth of Color with Jon Gilgoff & Chris Gibson

Effective and Equitable Practice with Male Youth of Color with Jon Gilgoff & Chris Gibson


Jon Gilgoff
Chris Gibson


With this signature workshop, Brothers on the Rise (BOTR) presents its proven model of direct services and systems change. This interactive training focuses on BOTR's preventive pipeline approach which builds literacy, life skills, leadership, and career skills for 3rd through 12th grade males through manhood training grounded in culturally based ritual, media literacy/production, sportsmanship/fitness/outdoor education, service, and social action.


  • Participants’ awareness will be raised as to issues facing boys and young men of color on a
  • micro and macro level and how to respond in a gender and culturally responsive manner.
  • Participants will learn to integrate culturally based ritual, trauma and healing informed care and other practices proven to empower boys and young men of color.
  • Participants will gain skills to more effectively and equitably serve boys and young men of color in their out-of-school-time work.


I Welcome, Intros, Overview & Opening Rituals 15 minutes
A. Intros of trainers and of group through engaging “stand up if…” activity
B. Review learning objectives
C. Call to Order and Drum Call Out (using traditional drums)
D. Our Shield (group agreement)
E. Words of Wisdom (quote of the day)
II Team builder – Group Up 15 minutes
This is a team building game in which participants find each other using a deck of cards and
respond verbally and physically to topical prompts.
III Check-In: Celebrate Successes & Problem Solve Challenges 15 minutes
This is an opportunity to recognize what’s working well and in pair share and then whole group
provide support to work through challenges.
IV Skills: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Masculinity –
A Real Man Can Cry & Everybody Knows Why 20 minutes
A) Man-box activity draws out ideas on masculinity messages
B) Screening of BOTR’s “A Real Man” video; viewing of man-box collages
C) Respond to media/arts pieces and apply to participant’s work
D) Discussion of ways we respond to pressures/consequences of man-box
V Skills: Rising Above the Violence – Trauma Transformation 20 minutes
A) Screen and debrief BOTR’s “Rising Above the Violence” video
B) Review trauma transformation process
C) Participants review worksheet and then we discuss application
VI Skills: My Voice Matters Creative Expression for Social Change 20 minutes
A) Review of BOTR’s process for creative expression for social change
B) In small group, participants move through abridged process
C) Small groups present their creative pieces
D) Whole group discussion on application
VII Final Reflection, Closing Rituals, Evaluations & Close 15 minutes
A) Participants reflect and share with partner how they’ll apply learning
B) Learning and application share out
C) Closing Rituals including celebrations of self and appreciations of others
D) Evaluations of the workshop


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