Beyond the Dream, from Langston to Kendrick

 Beyond the Dream, from Langston to Kendrick with Sheryl Davis

Beyond the Dream, from Langston to Kendrick with Sheryl Davis


Sheryl Davis
E'rika Chambers


In this session we will explore how activists of the past and conscientious rappers of today used their words to encourage action. Dr. King talked about his dream, Langston Hughes wrote about a dream deferred. What does that mean today? What are the lyrics of J.Cole, Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar saying? Participants will learn how to use poetry and music to engage in conversations and develop an action plan to address racial issues.


By the end of this workshops participants will:

  • Share a tool/ideas for getting beyond the I have a Dream speech
  • Share a tools, ideas and strategies for integrating equity in learning
  • Learn strategies to expose young people to diverse literature
  • Learn strategies to infuse social justice concepts in learning


  1. Welcome/Introductions
  2. Group Agreements
  3. Everybody Reads! (small group)
  4. Collaborative Conversations
  5. Celebrating History and Culture (Hands on Activities)
  6. Making it Relevant
  7. Sample Lessons

Best For: Frontline Staff, Coordinators, and Managers
Target Student Population: Middle School: All Grades, High School: All Grades


Slide Deck
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Movements Worksheets
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